Best Tornado Foosball Tables – Review and Buying Guide

Are you tired of throwing parties or inviting guests over and seeing the adults hang out in one room while the kids head to another? Having a soccer table in your home is a great way to get people of all ages to mingle and have fun together. Tornado makes awesome models that will last for years of fast gameplay like its Tornado Worthington.

The Worthington has a classic design that uses a lighter finish on wood panels set inside a cabinet with a darker finish on top. It has levelers for adjusting the equipment and three goalies for blocking shots. Some of the other models that Tornado makes are worth looking at too.

Top Products from Tornado


1. Worthington

Though there are other models on the market that look like those you played on as kid, this Worthington is the best one from the manufacturer because it will fit in any room and in any home.

Instead of using bright graphics on the sides of the cabinet, Tornado created a cabinet from wood and other materials before adding a wood grain finish on the outside that looks just like wood furniture.

The cabinet features a darker shade along the edges and panels in the center that use a lighter wood shade.

Despite its elegant look, the center of the model, which serves as your playing field, has a more traditional look that incorporates white borders around each goal, white lines in the center and green areas that resemble real grass.

Players can choose between controlling a set of yellow men or a set of men with a black finish. The scorekeepers located on the top let each player keep track of his or her score too.

Some of the top features of this relate to the rods, and with four playable rods on each side, you can play with one other person or on teams of two players each. Bearings used with those rods allow each one to move so smoothly that you barely need to turn the handles that Tornado added to increase your comfort.

The Worthington also features levelers on the legs that let you change the height of one or more legs based on where you play and who plays.

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Tournament 3000

2. Tournament 3000

If the Tournament 3000 looks a little familiar to you, it’s probably because you played on a similar one in the past.

The Tournament 3000 is exactly the same as the commercial models that the company makes but lacks the coin slot that requires you put money on the surface before you can play.

It meets all the standards for competition play too and makes it easy to host tournaments in your own home.

Each goal has a rod directly in front that holds three goalies, which allows to meet the standards for competition practices and also gives you a better chance of defending your goal from the shots your opponent takes.

Tornado designed the men to have a more whimsical look that includes a smile on each face, but the company also added a slanted foot to the bottom of each one.

This foot keeps the men from coming into contact with the playing field but allows the men to strike the ball hard enough to send it across the entire field.

The cabinet features bold graphics as well as the company’s logo across all side and protectors that keep players from damaging different areas of the equipment. It has a ball return system that collects the ball from either goal into a central box that you can easily access.

This model even has a ball drop slot in the center that lets you drop the ball into the exact center when starting a game.

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3. Elite Table

When you play on this Elite, you may just feel like one of the elite because it has such a great design and comes with so many nice features.

This model features a cabinet that measures 1.5-inches thick and acts as insulation to keep the sound of the ball hitting the equipment from disrupting those around you and to keep the ball soundly.

That cabinet has a laminate coating, which Tornado calls its Victorian cherry finish, over the surface that will last longer than untreated wood.

The warm cherry finishes on the cabinet pairs nicely with the natural wood handles and the darker wood legs. Those legs have levelers that you can use when playing on a slightly uneven floor to make the playing field more level.

The handles located on the rods have a curved shape to let you get a firmer grip on each one without your hands sliding off as you get more involved in your game.

Whether you pick the black or yellow men to play with, you’ll love that you can easily see your men against the backdrop of a green playing field, which looks like an actual soccer field, and this surface makes it easy to keep an eye on the ball too.

As soon as a player scores, the ball will drop from the goal it landed inside and into a retrieval system that then drops the ball out of a larger box on the side. The Elite comes with a manual scorekeeper for each player too.

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4. Classic Table

While other companies make affordable pool models from cheap materials that will barely last a year, This brand offers affordable options that are stronger and more durable like this Classic one that will appeal to players of any age.

This model uses different materials in its cabinet but features a black laminate finish over the cabinet that looks almost exactly like real leather. This finish is strong enough that it will last through tournaments and years of practices.

The levelers on its legs are exactly the same as those used on commercial models and will last through thousands of adjustments to keep it more stable.

Right in the center of the playing field is the Tornado logo, which uses three different colors, but the rest of the playing field uses a green grass color with some white outlines and accents added over the top.

You’ll also like the natural wood used to make the handles on the rods, which you can squeeze and turn without any discomfort.

Other models have two goal boxes with open backs that require you pull out the ball after your opponent scores, but this one has closed goal boxes that force the ball down and into the ball return system, which moves the ball into a separate box near the center that sits just below the ball drop.

It also comes with nuts inside that keep the rod attached to the role it slides through to keep any rod from falling out of the hole and onto a player.

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5. Sport Table

The most affordable that Tornado makes is its Sports model, which can make playing feel more like a real sport and less like a traditional game.

This model comes with four black legs with caps on the end that act like boot levelers for changing the height of each individual leg or the model itself.

It also has a ball return on the end that lets you grab the ball after someone scores and drop it through the ball slot in the middle to keep playing.

Instead of using wood handles, this features plastic handles that might feel a little more comfortable and will reduce any worries you have about splinters, and the finish on those handles helps you maintain a tight grip. Each handle corresponds to a different rod, and each player can control four different rods.

This is large enough that you can add another player to each team without worrying about players tripping over each other or getting in the way of others.

The manual scorekeepers found on both ends work like an abacus and let you move one score piece over after scoring to keep track of who is ahead and which side wins.

Its one-inch thick cabinet has higher sides to keep players from hitting the ball with enough force to spin it over the sides and a mahogany finish that looks like actual wood.

It also comes with a realistic playing field that features shades of green and white as well as the Tornado logo and men in black and yellow.

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Great Value for the Money is…


Worthington (View on

Do you sometimes think about buying a one and then change your mind because the bright colors and flashes designs found on most models won’t fit with the rest of your home?

With the classic and elegant design of the Worthington , you’ll find that it fits with any room in your home. This model features both lighter and darker shades of wood in its cabinet as well as levelers on each leg.

The rods used this feature a heavy gauge of steel that will withstand the spins and moves that adults make, but these rods won’t slip out and possibly injure any younger players.

It comes with bearings inside that make those rods spin more smoothly too. You’ll also get three goalies on the back rod for better defense of your goal.