Best Warrior Foosball Tables – Review and Buying Guide

Foosball is one of just a few games that you can change and customize based on who wants to play. With a few minor adjustments, you can use the same table with a group of adults that you would let a group of kids play on later. Warrior makes some of the best foosball tables for kids and adults as well as some of the unique tables you’ll see too.

ProductImageReview Score 
Warrior Table Soccer 8 Player LED Foosball Table for Multiple Players 9.7Check Price on Amazon
Warrior Black-Light Foosball Table 9.5Check Price on Amazon
Warrior Professional Foosball Table W/LEDs 9.3Check Price on Amazon
Warrior Table Soccer Professional Model LED & Durable Foosball Table 9Check Price on Amazon
Warrior Professional Foosball Table 8.8Check Price on Amazon

One of those unique tables is its Warrior Table Soccer 8 Player LED Foosball Table for Multiple Players (View on Amazon), which we also think is its best table. This table is longer and comes with more rods to let you play on teams with up to eight people. If you need something smaller for your home, you may love one of the other basic or lighted tables that Warrior makes.

Top Foosball Tables from Warrior on the Market

  1. Warrior Table Soccer 8 Player LED Foosball Table for Multiple Players (View on 

Warrior Table Soccer 8 Player LED Foosball Table for Multiple Players

Most foosball tables measure the same length and width to meet competition or tournament standards, but this Warrior threw those measurements out the window when making this Warrior Table Soccer 8 Player LED Foosball Table for Multiple Players, which is long enough for teams of up to eight people each to play on at the same time. Warrior claims that this is one of the easiest tables to put together and take apart because it comes with detailed instructions and breaks into two shorter and smaller pieces. Those smaller pieces are easier to store and make it easier to move the table to a new spot in your home.

Warrior was one of the first companies to design its own rod guards, which you’ll see on the table and around each guard. Those guards prevent kids and players of other ages from grabbing and dragging or pulling the rods out of the table and ensure that the rods never accidentally come loose either. The rods have wooden handles that also serve as grips to help you keep playing as your hands sweat.

Players closest to the ends of the table can use the abacus-style scorekeepers to update the current score and let the whole field know who is in the lead. This table also comes with amazing LED lights built into the rails around the playing field. Those lights have a cord that works with your nearest outlet and will cycle between bright and bold colors that are easily and clearly visible at night.

  1. Warrior Black-Light Foosball Table (View on 

Warrior Black-Light Foosball Table

At 60-inches long, this Warrior Black-Light Foosball Table meets the standards for competition and tournament play, which can increase the excitement of an ordinary game night. Though it also measures 32-inches wide and 55-inches tall, this table has levelers on the bottom of each of its four legs that can give you a little more height. Those levelers are also perfect adjusting one side or one leg of the table to compensate for a dip or hill on the ground.

This foosball table comes with some standard features found on other foosball tables like a green playing field designed to look like a soccer field with white boxes painted around the goals and the brightly colored Warrior logo in the center. That playing field uses a type of melamine that is resistant to scratches. The included men have bent feet that won’t scrape against the playing field, and those men come in shades of both black and red.

The main reason to choose this foosball table over all the others is because it has a black-light feature that looks and works great when you turn the lights down low. When you drop the included ball into one of the entry slots, it will hit the table and glow a bright white color as your men kick it across the field. That light affects the men on the field and makes them glow brighter and also makes all the white accents used on the surface of the table glow too.

  1. Warrior Professional Foosball Table W/LEDs (View on 

Warrior Professional Foosball Table W/LEDs

Some parents buy cheaper foosball tables for their kids because they do not realize that the rods on these tables can fly out or that the tables can collapse and cause injuries ranging from broken bones and sprained muscles to concussions and blindness. This Warrior Professional Foosball Table W/LEDs is a little more expensive but well worth the price because it has both rod guards that keep the guards from leaving the table and four strong legs placed in each corner. You can even use the levelers on those legs to keep dips and hills in your flooring from leaving the table improperly balanced.

At 32-inches wide and 60-inches long, this table meets competition standards and lets you host your own tournaments in your game room or practice for an upcoming professional competition. Designed to meet the standards of homes, this table also has a thicker surface that won’t chip or scratch and molded plastic men that won’t break or chip. You can play with either the black or yellow men and use the manual scorekeeper on your end to mark every score you make.

The LED lights on this table add a fun and interesting touch to its design. Those lights cycle between green, red and blue colors to make playing your next game a little more exciting and to get other players in the mood for a competition. Though you will need a nearby outlet to use these lights, you’ll love that the lights let you play foosball with all other lights in the room off.

  1. Warrior Table Soccer Professional Model LED & Durable Foosball Table (View on 

Warrior Table Soccer Professional Model LED & Durable Foosball Table

There is a big difference between the cheap tables that you see on the market and the professional tables that Warrior makes like this Warrior Table Soccer Professional Model LED & Durable Foosball Table. The difference is clear when you look at the quality of the table and read some reviews, and you’ll quickly learn that professional tables can last until your kids grow up and leave your home and even longer. This professional table meets competition standards and might make your house the go-to hangout place for your kids and their friends.

While you can play this table in the middle of the day, we highly recommend that you flip off the lights and plug in the included LED lights. As soon as you plug in that cord, the LED lights will come on and flash all across the table to illuminate the playing field. Shades of green and red will beckon other people in the room and make them want to jump in and play.

In addition to LED lights, this table has some other nice features like footed men that hit the ball at just the right angle to make it go further and a solid green playing surface that won’t show signs of damage like cheaper fields can. It also has a guard system designed by Warrior that lets you push and pull the rods without the rods breaking off the table.

  1. Warrior Professional Foosball Table (View on

Warrior Professional Foosball Table

While the other foosball tables on our list are pretty flashy and great for parties and entertaining, this Warrior Professional Foosball Table is a little more basic and the type of table that you’ll want to play on as you take on your kids or spouse. As a professional table, it meets all the measurement standards that professionals require and play on, which helps you practice and feel more comfortable on those tables before your first tournament. It has a ball entry slot on each side that lets any player or fan drop the ball into the center of the table to ensure that both sides have a fair shot of hitting it first.

Though you only get one man to defend your goal instead of the three men used on other tables, Warrior gives you counterbalanced men that have small weights inside. These weights allow the men to move forwards and backward, but even if you release the rod, each man will eventually come back to center. The footed design of the men also keeps the plastic from damaging your playing field.

Warrior chose shades of red and black for the men and for each set of handles because those colors match back to the company’s logo, which sits dead center on the green playing field. This pro table is also easy to put together and does not require professional installation. When the box arrives at your home, you’ll find a simple tool for putting the table and parts together as well as detailed assembly instructions.

Best Warrior Foosball Table for the Money

If you home is the ultimate party pad and the type of place people love hanging out, you should make room for this Warrior Table Soccer 8 Player LED Foosball Table for Multiple Players. This table features a total of 16 rods with eight rods on each side that can accommodate up to eight players, and as the table is longer, none of those players will get in the way of the others. Warrior added its own patented rod guards to make this table suitable for younger players and to keep those players from injuring themselves by pulling out the rods.

Warrior Table Soccer 8 Player LED Foosball Table for Multiple Players

Warrior Table Soccer 8 Player LED Foosball Table for Multiple Players(Check on Amazon) 

The best feature of this table is its LED lights, which cycle between shades like red and blue. You will need to plug in those lights, but you also have the option of leaving the lights unplugged and playing without them. Warrior also designed this table to break apart in the center to help you store or move the table.